Classes at CrossFit SolCity are fun and challenging. Our coaches and participants are welcoming, supportive, and dedicated to creating an environment where everyone can succeed. All of our workouts are done in a coached environment where proper technique is highly emphasized. We offer different class options tailored to your specific needs:

CrossFit: CrossFit combines weightlifting, running, gymnastics, powerlifting, rowing, medicine ball training, mobility work and much more. Every workout is different, and since you will rarely do the same thing twice, you won’t lose interest or get bored. At SolCity, we will make you stronger, sculpt your physique, and melt away fat, all in a 1-hour workout. Check out our WOD tab to see our most recent CrossFit workouts.

To learn even more about CrossFit philosophy and movements, download a free issue of the CrossFit Journal HERE.

SolFit:  SolFit is a one-hour, high-intensity class, focused on burning fat, maximizing cardiovascular health, and increasing muscle tone.  We utilize the functional exercises of CrossFit, bodyweight exercises, some lighter weights, and an assortment of other equipment to get our members in the best shape of their lives.

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TEAM CrossFit:  Come workout with us in teams.  The same CrossFit workouts you love, done with a partner or in a small group.

SolCity Mobility: SolCity Mobility is not yoga. It is an anatomy-based movement practice that utilizes stretching, therapeutics, corrective exercise and massage. The results are immediate relief from chronic tension, increased power through a greater range of movement, increased strength and healthy, supple joints. Expect to find some body blind spots that may be impeding strength gains and learn how to improve your posture for better lifting mechanics. It’s the perfect mobility and maintenance program for CrossFitters and SolFitters of all levels.